The Cabool Police Department serves as a cornerstone of the community, upholding the rule of law and ensuring the safety of Cabool’s citizens. Here, we delve into the core services and responsibilities that define the department’s commitment to the city, as well as the critical role that community policing plays in fostering trust and collaboration between law enforcement and residents.

Services and Responsibilities of the Department

The primary mission of the Cabool Police Department is to safeguard the lives and property of the people they serve. Their responsibilities encompass a range of services including:

  • Patrolling city areas to prevent and detect crime
  • Investigating criminal acts and apprehending offenders
  • Managing traffic and enforcing traffic laws to ensure public safety
  • Responding to emergencies and providing assistance to those in need
  • Collaborating with other agencies in solving crimes and maintaining public order

Community Policing Initiatives and Their Importance

The Cabool Police Department recognizes the importance of community policing—a strategy that builds a stronger, more interactive relationship between the police force and the community. By implementing initiatives that encourage engagement and dialogue, the department strives to:

  • Improve trust and cooperation among community members
  • Address the root causes of crime and reduce the fear of crime
  • Enhance the quality of life for all citizens in Cabool

Through programs such as neighborhood watch, youth outreach, and town hall meetings, the Cabool Police Department commits to being an accessible and proactive partner in upholding public safety and community wellness.

Contact Information for the Cabool Police Department

For those in need of assistance or looking to contribute to the community’s safety, the Cabool Police Department is reachable through the following contact details:

  • Address:
    510 Cedar Ave, Cabool, MO 65689
  • Non-Emergency Phone Number: +1 417-962-3993
  • Emergency Phone Number: 911

We encourage all Cabool residents to stay informed, be vigilant, and play an active role in keeping our community safe.

Unveiling the Crime Landscape of Cabool, MO

Understanding crime in Cabool, Missouri, is crucial for residents and families looking to keep their community safe. With a proactive police department in place, monitoring and managing crime rates is a top priority.

Overview of Crime Statistics in Cabool

An analysis of the overall crime data in Cabool reveals patterns and fluctuations that are important indicators of local safety. Cabool, MO, may not resonate with the high crime rates of metropolitan areas, but vigilance is still key to maintaining peace in the community.

Statistic Reportedincidents Cabool/100k people Missouri/100k people National/100k people
Total crime 3 148 2,828 2,324
Murder 0 0.0 10.1 6.3
Rape 0 0.0 48.9 40.0
Robbery 0 0.0 54.8 66.1
Assault 2 98.8 374.2 268.2
Violent crime 2 99 488 370
Burglary 1 49.4 295.8 269.8
Theft 0 0.0 1,557.2 1,401.9
Vehicle theft 0 0.0 487.1 282.7
Property crime 1 49 2,340 1,954

Common Crimes in Cabool

Felonies and misdemeanors shape the crime scenario in Cabool. Among them, acts like resisting arrest are recorded with a relatively higher frequency. These crime types can vary in gravity, but each one poses threats to the tranquility and safety of Cabool’s citizens.

Impact of Crime on the Cabool Community

Crime in Cabool has far-reaching consequences, affecting neighborhoods and the very fabric of the community. It’s not only about navigating the aftermath but also about addressing the root causes and putting preventative measures in place.

  • Personal and emotional impact on victims and their families
  • Economic burden on local community and businesses
  • Challenges faced by law enforcement and judicial systems