In Cabool, Missouri, there is a local jail facility known as the Cabool MO Police Jail. This jail is a municipal or police jail, primarily used for holding pre-trial detainees and individuals arrested in Cabool or nearby municipalities. It’s important to note that this facility is not designed for long-term incarceration. Instead, it serves as a temporary holding place for individuals immediately after their arrest.

The Cabool MO Police Jail is located at 510 Cedar Avenue in Cabool, MO, with the contact number 417-962-3993. This facility is overseen by the local police department, and it’s used for holding individuals for a very short term, usually not exceeding 72 hours. During this period, the jail does not offer commissary, mail, or phone services to the inmates. If someone is to remain incarcerated for a longer period, they are typically transferred to the Texas County Sheriff’s nearby facility.

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Given its nature as a short-term holding facility, the Cabool MO Police Jail lacks some of the programs and facilities found in longer-term prisons and jails, such as educational or vocational programming. It’s also crucial for friends and family of detainees to follow the jail’s specific instructions for inmate phone calls or mailing packages, as these processes can differ from those in other types of correctional facilities.

For further information about the Cabool MO Police Jail, you can visit their official website or contact them directly via phone or fax​​​​​​.

References and Additional Information

For those seeking further information on Cabool, MO’s police practices, jail systems, inmate search protocols, and crime statistics, we provide a curated list of resources. These references include official government links, scholarly research, and significant studies that can offer a deeper understanding of the criminal justice climate within Cabool and the broader scope of Missouri’s approach to law enforcement and corrections.

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  • Missouri’s A system for searching for court cases, including criminal ones, in the state of Missouri can be found here.
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This list is not exhaustive and will be updated regularly to reflect the most authoritative and current resources available. We encourage community members and interested parties to utilize these links to empower themselves with knowledge concerning legal and criminal issues in Cabool, MO.