Municipal Government

Cabool is managed by an elected mayor and a four-member board of aldermen.  The Mayor and four Aldermen serve two year terms.  Two of the Aldermen’s terms expire each year.  Cabool has an appointed city administrator, city clerk, and elected chief of police.

The Mayor and the Board of Aldermen

Meet the Third Mondays

5:30pm at Cabool City Hall

618 Main Street

County Government

Texas county is governed by a three member commission with a presiding commissioner elected for four years and associate commissioners elected for two years. The county clerk, circuit clerk and recorder, treasurer, collector, assessor, prosecuting attorney, sheriff, circuit judge, public administrator, and coroner are elected for four year terms. Circuit Judge is elected for a six year term.


Township Government

Township officers – two board members, trustee, collector, and clerk – are elected every two years and have the responsibility for construction and maintenance of roads and bridges.


Police Protection

The Cabool Police Department has a full time staff of a chief, five officers, and four dispatchers. Cabool’s Police Department work closely with and are supported by officers of the Missouri Highway Patrol, and by deputies from the Texas County Sheriff’s Department. Incidence of crime is among the lowest in the state.


Fire Protection

Cabool & Mountain Grove Fire Departments have a cooperative agreement and respond to each other’s emergency situations as well as providing rural fire fighting and emergency service for highway accidents. The staffs of both departments are all volunteer.  The 18 Cabool volunteers operate two pumper trucks, a water tanker, and brush fire truck.